Happy New You with Psychotherapy!

Updated: Jul 1

As the first month of the new year is coming to an end, and with the excitement of the holidays now a distant memory and snowy weather setting in, this is a great time to focus on what is working for you in your life, what you may want to improve, and how you can implement the changes to strive towards being the happiest most fulfilled you this coming year and in your future...

Psychotherapy sessions are a great way to address issues that you feel may be holding you back on your journey to making changes & success, remember, asking for support is not a weakness or a failure, it's taking control of your life and taking care of you.

Focus on the rays of light

I wanted my new site to better communicate and simplify Psychotherapy and the services that I provide that I am so passionate about. The new website includes some new features such as; online booking, a subscription link, and of course; this blog.

I hope you like the fresh new look of my website, and improved layout to help you find information on my services and training courses more quickly and easily. I will continue to develop the website so please do check back for updates.

Don't forget to subscribe on the website to receive an email of my blog containing lots of tips and information on Psychotherapy and how to be the best you!

Thank you for your interest in The Journey Psychotherapy.

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