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  • Eve Houseman MBACP

8 Questions to Reveal 'Not So Obvious' Signs of Anxiety

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation (find out more here), and this year the focus of the campaign is on connecting with nature.

But how do you know if you're suffering from anxiety, it's not always obvious?

Anxiety is a natural human instinct inherited from our ancestors, to prepare us for what are, or what we perceive to be stressful situations. However, anxiety may become overwhelming, or we may place too much anxiety around certain situations, leaving us unable to function, sometimes on a day to day basis.

You may well have experienced anxiety, or even severe anxiety, and recognise some of the symptoms;

Excessive worrying

Racing heart beat

Shortness of breath


Feeling fearful

Pounding chest

Constant worrying

There are other ways that anxiety can present itself in your life, that are not so obvious, ask yourself the following 8 questions:
  1. Do you experience disturbed sleep?

  2. Do you feel the need to be perfect and control every situation?

  3. Are you are stressed, overwhelmed, frantic and always busy?

  4. Do you have lots of unfinished projects left hanging?

  5. Do you experience social withdrawal - avoiding situations and events that you would find enjoyable?

  6. Do you have a tendency to procrastinate and put off things that need to be done?

  7. Are you snappy and irritable?

  8. Have you become hypervigilant, constantly fearing the worst and overthinking every situation?

All of the above are symptoms of anxiety, but these symptoms tend to begin less subtlety, and have a tendency to creep up on us, silently, gradually affecting our day to day functionality more and more.

Do you recognise any of these sneaky symptoms, perhaps someone close to you recognises you having one or more? If you do, ask yourself if or what may be causing your stress currently, Psychotherapy is a great place to explore anxiety and any presenting symptoms you may be experiencing by looking at root causes and finding ways to cope.

Contact me for a free initial telephone consultation here

Eve Houseman MBACP

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